Saturday, 2 March 2013

A Very Productive Day

I had some of my most recent hand made creations on a craft stall today and managed to sell some of my work. I also got some wonderful feedback on my work.

As well as having work with me for sale on my stall, I'd also taken 2 sketchbooks with examples of the variety of work I produce (digital, embroidery, lino prints etc) Several people were interested in purchasing some of the work they had seen in my sketchbook. The scarf design (as featured here in an earlier posting) was one of the most popular examples of the work showcased in my sketchbook.

I'm planning to attend a craft fair in Lark Lane in Liverpool in 3 weeks time, so will be focusing on creating Easter based creations for sale, as well as a variety of other pieces. I will post photographs of the products I make once I have recharged by camera batteries (why do they always run out when you need them?)

All in all, it's been a productive day and I'm pleased that I got such positive feedback from the people who attended today. I'm definitely going to take on board some of the suggestions I was given about practical application of some of my surface designs too.

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