Saturday, 9 March 2013

Delicious Patterns Purchase

I finally received my first purchase from Jeri Shaw at Delicious Patterns today. [it was the Vogue Fabiani evening gown] As I'm working on other design work at present I probably won't get around to making the garment for a while yet. I plan to make the garment in fabric digitally printed with one of my surface pattern designs. I am planning to get some samples from various digital print companies first to find the best supplier. Obviously I will post photos of the completed gown when it's made.

I certainly won't have to search for a pattern supplier now as I couldn't speak more highly of Jeri and will definitely become one of her regular customers. At present I have 2 more patterns on reserve and 1 still on it's way to me. I strongly advise everyone to check out her online shop [web address is given in my earlier post.] The selection of patterns she stocks are very diverse and many are very rare.

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