Friday, 8 March 2013

Lark Lane Project

While studying for my Foundation Diploma in Art & Design I was allowed to complete a project of my own choosing. As I have a passion for architecture, I decided to focus my project on a quaint little street called Hadassah Grove, off Lark Lane in Liverpool. Lark Lane is a kind of 'trendy' area and Hadassah Grove is one of it's little side streets.

I focused on this street as I felt it was like a little time capsule. When I first walked into the street I felt like I'd stepped back into Edwardian times as the houses date from this period.

Below are some of the research photographs I took and the drawings I created from them. I have previously posted several of the Lino prints that I produced for this project.

From the drawings I initially created from these images and others, I replicated them using a graphics tablet to create the images below. As I'm not too confident with my drawing I prefer to draw very freely and much more graphically than conventionally.

I also played around with blocking in some colour and created several alternate colourways. Below are a sample of how they looked when coloured.

I'm not so keen one the first image when colour was added. I think it works much better as a black and white illustration. My favourite by far is the illustration of the Amorous Cat Book Shop. I'm planning to get some prints created of this illustration for sale at the upcoming craft fair in Lark Lane in a few weeks time.

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