Tuesday, 11 July 2017

All Eyes On James Mullane

James Mullane is a multi media artist currently based in Denver, Colorado. In 2016 he acquired a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree (specialising in drawing) from the Metropolitan University of Denver, having previously studied Interior Design at Arapahoe Community College in Littleton, Colorado.

Since 2013, James has seen his work featured in over 20 exhibitions in several galleries. This is a truly astonishing accomplishment for such a young artist.

In James' own words his work "focuses on queer issues, queer acceptance, gender identity, intersectionalities, hybridity and performance acts that create gender" and "explores how the intersecting labels create an individual's unique life experience."

James works in a myriad of media techniques to create his astounding work. These range from xylene transfers, collage, encaustic wax, watercolour and chalk pastels. The combination of medias creates wonderfully vibrant and unique finished pieces.

On a personal level, what I am particularly drawn to in James’ work is that he has such an identifiable style. Once you’ve seen one of his works I think you’d be able to recognise another. That is not to say that his work is formulaic. Far from it. His identifiable style is because of the continuity of subject matter, as well as vibrancy and originality of his work as a whole.

For more information on James please visit his website: https://jamesmmullane.myportfolio.com/

Below are some examples of James' wonderful work. They are titled Fluid, eFEMminate, Bound, TRANSformation, HEel and MANicure respectively.  I hope you love James' amazing work as much as I do!

Cheers Then!