Monday, 18 February 2013

Handmade Christmas Creations

For my Christmas presents this year I decided to make all of my gifts. I wanted to make them more unique and personal than they would have been had I bought them. I was very keen to use primarily reclaimed fabrics obtained from charity shops and from scraps and off cuts I already had.

Below are the presents I made for one of my sisters. I was particularly happy with the apron, the main fabric of which was donated to me by a close friend. The trim and tie was cotton I hand dyed especially for this project. The toys were made from a 1970s dress I found in a local charity shop as were the mittens. The bracelet and the patchwork stocking were also made from scraps of off cut fabrics as well as some specially hand dyed silk. The only bought element were the Christmas ribbons I used as embellishments on the stocking. The only present that was not created using any recycled fabrics was the pot holder.

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