Sunday, 19 June 2011

Hand-made felt sample pieces

These hand-made felted samples were created during a 2nd year work shop session with my tutor Joyce Paterson. I greatly enjoyed creating these sample pieces. Having a strong passion for screen printing I created a random silk screen and used my independent study time to spend extra time in the university print room with our technician Suzanne to screen print onto the samples with suzanne's assistance.

There are a mixture of screen print techniques used upon these samples, used both independently and in combination.

Sample 1 has two tones of foil added. This was achieved by applying the adhesive via the silk screen and then attaching the foils which were then heat transferred.

Sample 2 was created in the same way but has the addition of fabric netting for added texture.

Sample 3 was again created with the foil heat transfer technique. As an embellishment I hand beaded into sections of the foiled areas. Feedback from my tutors made me realise that I should have used beads with a more contrasting colour. Always a perfectionist, I removed these beads and hand stitched new beads. Picture 4 shows the original bead work in more detail.

Samples 5 and 7 are a combination of heat transferred foils and screen printed inks.

Sample 6 has the addition of puff binder (also known as Aqua Span.) This process is added via the silk screen as a glue and is again heat sealed which creates a raised textured surface. Coloured pigments can be added for extra effect. For this sample I used a completely different silk screen to create the puff binder areas than I used for the foiled area.

As I was not creating these samples in response to as specific brief, there is little continuity between them. However the two brown samples work wonderfully together I feel and are my personal favourites. I also like the blue samples as a cohesive collection. Only the final sample is individual, but I feel that adds to its charm.

I hope you like these samples. Feedback comments would, as ever, be greatly appreciated. I hope to post more work soon. Keep a look out for future posts and thanks for your continued viewings. Cheers Then ;-)

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