Saturday, 7 May 2011

Suffragette Posters

I have always had great respect for the Suffragettes but have also been drawn to their propaganda posters and other merchandise that were produced, such as banners and broaches. I feel they had a very identifiable style that captured the graphic style of the time and loved the use of colours purple, white and green, which were the colours of their logo. I have included a selection of some of the best and most famous propaganda posters, eg. 'The Cat & Mouse Act' and 'Torturing Women In Prison.' I also wanted to included as a final photograph a portrait of one of my biggest heroines, the Suffragette 'martyr' Emily Wilding Davison, who became most famous for throwing herself before the King's horse at the 1913 Epsom Derby, an act which was to tragically take her life.

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