Saturday, 9 April 2011

Lino Prints

These lino prints were created while I was completing my Foundation Diploma in Art & Design. The project was based on the architecture in a street called Hadassah Grove. This quaint little street is an unadopted street off Lark Lane in Liverpool. I loved Hadassah Grove as it made me feel like I'd stepped back into Edwardian times as the houses all date from this era.

I greatly enjoyed using the lino printing technique as I found it amazingly versatile. Simply by cutting a tile into sections, as I have done in some of these prints, you can create prints in a variety of colours. Also, by simply repeat printing on the printing press without re-inking the tiles you can create a variety of finishes. I liked some of my prints that had a more distressed finish as these make them look antique and therefore fitted with the theme of having been inspired my the Edwardian architecture of Hadassah Grove.

I still have all the tiles I created for this project and intend to use them again at a later date. I also still have more than 200 prints that were made in a variety of colourways for the dozen or so tiles that I made. The samples here were included in my submission portfolio for my interview for the University of Bolton, where I am presently studying. As course leader Donna Claypool was greatly impressed with these pieces I think these may have helped me acquire my place. Maybe that's one reason why I love them so much!

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