Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Keep Calm ... And Carrie On!

My sister and I are big horror fans and the 1976 shocker 'Carrie' is one of our favourites. Years ago a DJ did a dance song based around the classic line delivered by actress Piper Laurie ... 'They're all gonna laugh at you.' The song was called 'Carrie On House (They're All Gonna Laugh At You)' and it was truly terrible. (It's actually on YouTube if you want to hear it!) I can't remember whether it was my sister's idea or mine to use the 'Keep Calm & Carry On' tagline but it was my sister who asked me to design her something Carrie related for a screensaver. This is the result. It was designed ages ago, when I was still at university. Just thought I'd post it for fun! She absolutely loved it. I'm actually going to get it printed onto a t-shirt for her too.


  1. I saw this movie when it first came out in a theatre. At the end I was so scared I buried my head in my friends lap and couldnt move for 5 minutes

    1. Sorry for the slow reply. I've only just seen your message. Yeah Carrie scared the living daylights out of me too but I found the end are more sad than scary. The tragedy of Carrie's life was heartbreaking. A truly great film and a tremendous performance from Sissy Spacek