Friday, 17 May 2013

Hand Embroidered Commission Pieces

I mentioned recently that I was commissioned to make two hand embroidered pieces. One was to celebrate a wedding and the other a christening. Unfortunately I was unable to get photographs of the completed pieces, however, below are photographs of the samples pieces I created prior to commencing the final embroidered commission pieces.

In the final pieces I used more decorative text that is used in these samples. The christening piece is completely hand embroidered, whereas in the wedding piece I used applique techniques to create the wedding rings using vibrant synthetic fabrics which where secured in position initially with bondaweb [an iron on adhesive sheet] before being machine satin stitched into position.

As you can see the text on these samples is a little uneven. I had used an embroidery hoop when embroidering the text on these pieces and this has pulled the fabric unevenly. When I embroidered on the final pieces I used an rectangular embroidery frame and this ensured that the text would be even.

I hope you like them.

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